Youth Fight For Jobs support Game workers

Today Youth Fight for Jobs in Belfast organised a stall in solidarity with the Game workers who occupying their stores across the south. Below is the text

Occupy! – Workers fight for their rights
Workers in GAME stores across the South are staging sit-ins after the announcement that they were to close immediately, along with half the company’s stores across Britain and Ireland. They are doing this because the company’s administrators are trying to get away without paying them the wages and holiday pay they have earned, never mind redundancy payments!
These workers – many of whom served the company for years – should be congratulated on taking a brave stand against yet another attempt by bosses to use the economic crisis to ride roughshod over the rights of working people. GAME workers in the remaining stores should follow their example if any further job losses are threatened.

Occupation can win!
This tactic can win! When La Senza went into administration and closed stores in December, an occupation by workers in Dublin ensured that they received the pay they were entitled to. In 2009, occupations by Visteon workers – including in Belfast – stopped the bosses from robbing workers. They won by holding onto company assets and mobilising support from other workers and young people to pressurise the bosses.

End the job slaughter!
Win or lose, the future for workers made redundant by GAME is not bright. With real unemployment running at 13% – including one-in-five young people – it will be a struggle to find new jobs. This situation is only going to worsen as the politicians continue to destroy jobs in public services.

We say:
– Profitable companies that sack workers must be nationalised!
– Stop all public sector cuts! Make the bankers and super-rich pay!
– Invest in a massive programme to create socially useful jobs!

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