Why I Joined the Socialist Party

By Sarah Campton

Sarah Campton protesting for a woman’s right to choose.

I didn’t know of the Socialist Party until recently. When I learned more about it, I realised that I shared my views with an entire party. A massive part of joining was that I now have a platform to be an activist. I thoroughly enjoy getting involved in rallies and protests. Beforehand, I was too shy to show up on my own, now I have a great support network of people who share my views. Socialist Youth provides a platform where young people’s voices can be heard.

As a young female, I feel as I am oppressed by capitalism. Socialism is an alternative to the patriarchal nature of capitalism, which objectifies women and makes us feel like we need to be photoshopped perfection, that we have to wear make-up and not age, that we have to be conform to normalised standards of beauty. I do not want to live in this kinds of society.

Through regular meetings and discussions, I feel like I’m constantly learning. I love being part of the Socialist Party because they’re people for the people, and if ordinary working class people won’t stand up for each other, who will? I’m hoping to use what I’m learning to help build a movement for the 99%.

Through socialism, I know that everyone will have fair opportunity. I believe this is the way to achieve a society where women, the LGBT community, people of colour and the working class won’t be oppressed. Capitalism is thriving on the exploitation of workers and discrimination. This needs to end and socialism is the way forward.

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