Global Struggle, Global Revolt!

This system is a system of crisis and the workers being left to pick up the bill and pay for the mistakes of their failed system.  Yet in countries around the world movements are developing to fight back:

#Brazil protests
A country with immense inequalities. Favela slums surrounding high rise luxury apartments.  Millions live in destitute poverty. An attempt was made by the government in Brazil to raise the price of bus fares by an equivalent to six pence while building lavish football stadiums for FIFA. Workers erected barricades, blocked vital roads, bridges and avenues; stormed federal, state and city hall buildings. In Brasília, they claimed the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Relations. In São Paulo, on the night of 13 June, the military police attacked a peaceful demonstration of about 15 thousand people in the city centre firing rubber bullets indiscriminately. The government was forced to back down on transport hikes.
#Egypt coup
Mass protest movements have overtaken Egypt. Millions are pouring into the streets in protest to President Morsi and his attacks on free speech and women’s rights. The huge Rebel/???? movement has emerged, with over 22 million signatures calling for Morsi’s resignation and threatening a campaign of civil disobedience. The military then launched a coup forcing Morsi aside supposedly to create stability.

Morsi represents a more reactionary element of the ruling class however the Egyptian army is using this as an opportunity to get its hands back on power. Their intervention into the protests is not to help the workers rather to protect their significant economic assets. The movement must not be channelled into support for the military but must chart it’s own course uniting protesters and the workers movement to take power itself.

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The primary strategy of capitalism to maintain the rule of a tiny few over billions of workers worldwide is to divide workers from one another along the lines of race, national origin, religion, and gender. Socialist feminism recognizes that the oppression of women is part of the system of capitalism itself, and not simply caused by bad laws, outdated attitudes, or even men themselves. Socialist feminists fight for reforms that make a real difference in the lives of women and to foster solidarity among working-class people. At the same time, we recognize that full liberation for women is only possible on the basis of a socialist transformation of society that eliminates all forms of oppression