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Greens back “progressive” water charges

Many people in the North have voted for the Greens because they want an anti-sectarian and left alternative. Unfortunately, this – and their role in government in the South – shows the weakness of the Greens’ approach, which ultimately accepts the limitations and false logic of capitalism.

Alliance call for water charges: No way, we won’t pay!

Introducing water charges here has been on the wishlist of the political establishment for twenty years. The sole purpose of this is to pave the way for wholesale privatisation of our water service. Experience in Britain shows that this would see bills skyrocket.

The movement from below – working class self-organisation

In the last six years, austerity was imposed without the same level of protest as took place in other countries. Working class people were reeling from the shock of the recession and, of course, given no lead by the union leadership. Now, the establishment’s claims of economic recovery have given […]

How the AAA won a By-Election and the way forward for the Left

October 11 2014 saw the opening of a whole new chapter in the struggle of the working class in Ireland. Discontent that had been bubbling for some time suddenly hit the streets of Dublin with a 100,000 strong demonstration in an eruption against water charges and austerity from below. On […]