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50 years since internment – what did Marxists say?

This week marks the fiftieth anniversary of Operation Demetrius and the start of internment without trial, introduced by the reactionary Unionist government at Stormont and the British state. This brutal repressive action saw hundreds of innocent, working-class people rounded up across Northern Ireland by the British army and jailed in a matter of days. 
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From denial of Pat Finucane inquiry to secret talks: Workers’ movement must take up the legacy issues

The denial of an inquiry into the infamous murder of Pat Finucane has once again shone a light on the lengths the British establishment are prepared to go to hide their real role in the Troubles. Pat Finucane was a lawyer who had represented republican prisoners and was killed by the UDA in front of his wife and children in 1989. A mountain of evidence clearly illustrates that there was serious collusion between loyalist paramilitaries and the British state in his killing.

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Troubles Victims’ Payment Scheme: A socialist perspective

The controversy around the Victims’ Payment Scheme is an important example of how, decades into the ‘peace process’, there has been a failure to deal with the legacy of the Troubles. Instead, sensitive issues like this remain part of the tit-for-tat between sectarian forces, with victims and ordinary people suffering the consequences.