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Corruption cover-up at Stormont?

By Diane Williams The Social Development Committee at Stormont is currently holding an inquiry into allegations of wrongful political interference in the Housing Executive. The allegations arose from a BBC NI Spotlight programme on 3 July 2013. At a meeting on 14 November, a senior civil servant admitted that he […]

No recession for the politicians

Two Northern Ireland MP’s have topped the list for biggest scroungers, sorry ‘expense claimants’ in Westminster. Ian Paisley Jnr MP claimed £232,042.33 in expenses alone last year while his DUP chum Jim Shannon MP was paid £220,198.15 last year alone on top of his £66,396 salary! The total sum given […]


Socialist Party leaflet (10 August 2013) STOP SECTARIAN POLITICIANS STIRRING UP DIVISION STOP ALL SECTARIAN ATTACKS UNITE TO FIGHT THE POLITICIANS AUSTERITY DECENT JOBS, HOMES & SERVICES FOR ALL The same Stormont politicians who hold themselves up as statesmen and peace builders are whipping up dangerous sectarian tensions on our […]

£5,000 pay rise for MLA’s… cuts for us

The Assembly Executive is to award all politicians in Stormont a £5,000 pay rise from April at exactly the same time as implementing massive cuts to benefits which hundreds of thousands of workers, the unemployed, the disabled and the elderly rely on. This comes after all the parties in the […]