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Stormont stumbles on – but for how long?

Paul Givan and Michelle O’Neill have been nominated as First and Deputy First Minister, following the British government’s commitment to introduce Irish language legislation over the heads of the Stormont politicians, and despite the opposition of a large majority of DUP MLAs in an internal vote. 

While the institutions may stumble on for now, however, this crisis is not over. These events – and the deep divisions within the DUP – reflect the reality that the ‘peace process’ has entered a new and turbulent phase.

BLM activists vindicated: Drop the fines now!

The Socialist Party welcomes the announcement from the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) that all charges related to last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests in Belfast and Derry are to be dropped. The PPS recognised that the events were organised in a responsible manner, aimed at minimising the risk of Covid, and that they related to a matter of “important social concern”. All fines against those who took part in these protests – and a similar protest against gender violence in Belfast, organised by ROSA in the wake of Sarah Everard’s killing – must be immediately rescinded and reimbursed.

Stormont draft budget a “slap in the face” for frontline workers

Against the backdrop of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent social and economic hardships that have been inflicted on ordinary people as a result, the Stormont draft budget comes as a slap in the face, particularly to the frontline workers who have kept society functioning over the last year.