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Resignation of Humza Yousaf illustrates ongoing SNP crisis

The SNP is in crisis after Humza Yousaf was forced to resign, the second leader in just over a year to do so. He had only taken over in March last year after Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation and subsequent corruption investigation. The SNP have limped on in government since then but the decision on 18th April to scrap their legally binding climate targets of cutting emissions by 75%, alongside the decision to pause puberty blockers for under-18s, has imploded their coalition with the Green Party. Faced with two separate ‘no confidence’ votes from the opposition and the prospect of being a minority government, Yousaf chose to jump ship before he was pushed.
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Remember Brianna Ghey – mobilise to end violence against trans people!

The horrendous murder of Brianna Ghey is only the most recent example of the escalating violence against trans people. Amidst this, the Tory party & their media allies are very happy to demonise and ostracise trans people for political gain. Why does capitalism promote the hatred of trans people and other minority groups, and how can we build a movement to challenge it?