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The revolutionary ideas of Karl Marx – building the struggle for socialism today

Even 175 years after writing the Communist Manifesto, the ideas of Karl Marx remain as relevant as ever. Together with his friend and co-thinker Friedrich Engels he penned this text that not only contains their core analysis of capitalism but also a call to working-class people around the world to unite - to get organised to overthrow the moribound capitalist system because we have nothing to lose but our chains!
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Socialism 101: Why socialists see the working class as the force for change

A 2021 Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) survey found that 67% of UK residents surveyed between the ages of 16 and 34 would like to live in a socialist economic system. Younger generations that have grown up in the context of increasing precarity and uncertainty under capitalism, are looking for a solution that centres human need, not capitalist greed.
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How workers ended the First World War

The old lie: dulce et decorum est pro patria mori” - It is sweet and honourable to die for ones country. This is how Wilfred Owen summed up the attitude of a generation sent to war under the illusion that it would be a short and glorious conflict. Owen himself was one of the last killed in a war that saw an estimated 40 million soldiers and civilians die as a bloody stalemate ensued over four years. Both sides only ever managed to advance of couple of kilometres against their respective enemies.