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Review: One Man’s Terrorist by Daniel Finn

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Provisional IRA. This new book, One Man’s Terrorist: A political history of the IRA, is therefore a timely study of this movement. Seán Burns looks at the book and the lessons that can be learned for today.

Bomb alerts and sectarian conflict must be opposed

Even before the escalation of bomb alerts in the run up to Christmas, bomb disposal personnel were called to over one alert every day – twice the rate of 2012. “Dissident” republicans have stepped up their campaign of attempted bombings and shootings over the past year. A viable 60kg bomb […]

Parades & protests: Sectarian politicians deliver only conflict

By Ciaran Mulholland, Events of the weekend of 9 August to the 11th shone a spotlight on the sectarian landscape of Northern Ireland in 2013. There was fierce rioting in the city centre of Belfast on the 9th when up to 2000 loyalists mobilised to block an “anti-internment” march organised […]