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Campbell’s bigoted comments & the racism at the heart of the system

DUP MP Gregory Campbell is still refusing to apologise for racist remarks that he made over a recent episode of Songs of Praise. The episode in question, the final of the competition for Gospel Singer of the Year, was performed and judged by an entirely black cast of musicians – fitting for a genre which originated in black churches in the US from the descendants of slaves who adopted Christianity when their own religious beliefs were forcibly suppressed.

National Guard in Minneapolis – Mass, Coordinated Action Needed to Win #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

Minneapolis now resembles a police state. The National Guard is occupying key points of the city with tanks and automatic weapons, including bridges and intersections which have been occupied by protestors in recent days. The Third Precinct police station is still smouldering, and the nearby 5th Police Precinct is surrounded by barbed wire and barricades. Thousands of volunteers are cleaning up the streets and most businesses remain boarded up, yet in an inspiring display of the deep solidarity that still exists, painted on top of the boards are statements of ongoing solidarity

After Brexit – Racism, Border Polls & the Labour Leadership

The 52% vote to leave the European Union in the recent referendum was a political earthquake, the shockwaves of which will be widespread and long-lasting. It represents a blow to the interests of the ruling class in Britain, Europe and the United States, who have invested decades of political capital […]

Deadly attack on satirical paper Charlie Hebdo

Defend freedom of speech! Don’t let us be divided! Translation of statement/leaflet distributed by Gauche Revolutionnaire (CWI in France) on massive demonstrations in Paris, Rouen and elsewhere. Such brilliant cartoonists as Wolinski, Charb’, Tignous or Cabus, fought on many occasions against intolerance, racism and censorship. We are revolted at their […]