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Alliance call for water charges: No way, we won’t pay!

Introducing water charges here has been on the wishlist of the political establishment for twenty years. The sole purpose of this is to pave the way for wholesale privatisation of our water service. Experience in Britain shows that this would see bills skyrocket.

Waterfront & Ulster Hall Workers Fight Privatisation

As of 3rd August, workers at both the Waterfront Hall and Ulster Hall have commenced industrial action to keep both venues within Belfast City Council. The action is supported by the three trade unions – NIPSA, Unite and SIPTU – who represent the overwhelming majority of workers at the two venues. Facilities […]

Full Executive agreement on privatising our NHS

The recent “pause” of the referral system that allows public money to be given to private health firms has exposed the increasing offensive by the private sector into our NHS. The only complaint by MLAs wasn’t that millions of pounds of taxpayer’s money is drained out of the public purse […]