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Unite against the slaughter of Palestinians

The killing of protesters on the border of Gaza is the latest massacre inflicted on by the brutal Israeli regime on the Palestinian masses. This is state sanctioned murder, with the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu authorising soldiers to shoot to kill. The protests were in response to the provocative […]

Socialism and national rights

Ukraine, Israel/Palestine and other countries The bloody conflict in Ukraine, alongside the slaughter of the Palestinian people in Gaza, has brought the issue of the ‘national question’ once more forcefully onto the political agenda. How can we open a road to begin to solve seemingly age-old intractable issues? This is […]

After weeks of mass slaughter in Gaza, IDF forces ‘withdraw’

What is the role of imperialism in the conflict? A hail of death has roared down on Gaza for weeks. Working class people in Britain and worldwide are shocked and angered at images of a Palestinian father carrying his dead children’s body parts in a plastic bag, and other daily […]