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Nigeria: #EndSARS, #EndSWAT End Police Brutality in Nigeria

The government has come out to make one promise after another in the name of meeting the demands of protesters. This government must not be trusted. For example, two protesters were killed the day after the Inspector General of Police announced the “dissolution” of SARS. Amnesty International reports that 10 protesters have been killed since the beginning of protests. A government that is truly committed to ending police brutality will not send AK-47 wielding policemen and military to protest-grounds, talk-less of firing shots at protesters.

Nigeria: A political party of the working class is born

Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) holds inaugural convention Hassan Taiwo Soweto, National Youth Leader, SPN “Today we are beginning a new chapter in the history of Nigeria; a chapter that will be dominated by the political struggle of the working masses to take power and begin to take control of […]

Socialist Party of Nigeria taking shape

By H.T Soweto, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI Nigeria) Lively meeting of party members and supporters elects Lagos state executive Slowly but surely, the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) is taking shape. Over the last weekend, on Saturday 13 April 2013, members of the party in Lagos state came together at […]