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Suffering for your art: Creative work under capitalism

A socialist society based on solidarity and collaboration would elevate the arts to another plane – a far greater level of significance and development than that which is possible in our current, profit-driven system

Obituary: Colin McQuillan

On the 18th August 2014, Belfast lost one of its favourite sons in Colin McQuillan, front man of local band Runnin’ Riot. Colin, aged 46, died in his sleep in London while on tour supporting Old Firm Casuals on their UK tour. As singer for the popular street punk/oi! Band, […]

Review: The Frontman – Bono (In the Name of Power)

Reviewed by Paddy Delaney    Harry Browne’s searing polemic against Bono should be of some interest to socialists, particularly those sections of the book where Browne elaborates on Bono’s labyrinthine business affairs and crucially his role in espousing neo-liberal ideology on a global stage. The book is concise and well […]