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Far right: New name, same game

In the course of this crisis, a new political party – the British Freedom Party – has distributed material in Belfast communities masquerading as a “Christian fellowship” and purporting to offer assistance to the vulnerable. In reality, this is a split from the far-right Britain First group and the new brand of their former leader, Jayda Fransen, and ex-councillor Jolene Bunting.

Unions must mobilise to defeat the Far Right

The trade union movement,  representing both Protestant and Catholic workers, is the key force that can challenge the far right here. Mobilisations of workers from both backgrounds, linked to demands for investment in housing and job creation, will be key to knocking them back. Ultimately, building an anti-sectarian political alternative and struggling for a socialist future is the only way to bury the far right for good.

Extreme-right parties in Europe form alliance

By Per-Ake Westerlund The EU’s crisis and extreme austerity measures has opened up the potential for right-wing extremist and racist parties to become the largest polling parties in several countries in the European elections, in May 2014. The Front National in France and the Dutch PVV recently formed an alliance […]