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Energy cost hikes: Take the energy companies into public ownership

From December 2021, Firmus energy implemented a 38% rise in the cost of gas across their “Ten Towns” network area. This follows a 35% hike in October and the previous 18% hike, earlier in 2021, meaning the company practically doubled prices in a single calendar year.

Energy companies profits rise 1000%

Incredibly, energy companies have seen their profits soar by a massive 1000% in the past five years. An Ofgem report has found that despite wholesale gas and electricity prices falling by 38% last year, profits doubled last year alone. On average, energy companies have seen profits rise from £9 per […]

68% say: Re-nationalise the energy companies

By Eoin Dawson, The majority of people in Britain support the re-nationalisation of energy companies, according to YouGov research for the Centre for Labour and Social Studies. 68% said that energy companies should be nationalised and run in the public sector. The privatisation of electricity and gas has led to […]