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Report shows huge support for taxing rich

Francis Bacon, the 17th century philosopher, said that money was like muck – no good unless it is spread evenly. However, a report produced this month by the Equality Trust and Ipsos MORI shows that the rich and powerful of Britain would rather pollute all of society with their stinking midden than […]

New figures reveal capitalism in crisis – not recovery

Desperate times call for desperate measures. That must have been the line of Con-Dem Chancellor George Osborne’s thinking when he went about claiming new jobs and wages figures proved that his austerity measures were yielding a recovery. Far from bringing relief to ‘hard-working families’, the Coalition’s cuts and pro-capitalist policies […]

Where’s our recovery?

Recent statistics published in the past two weeks have shown that incomes for pensioners have decreased in real terms by 8% since 2012 while disposable income for people here is half that compared to the UK average. Paddy Meehan, Socialist Party candidate for the Botanic ward in the upcoming Belfast […]

But where’s the money for services?

An incredible £80 billion has been paid in bonuses alone to bankers since the financial crash of 2007. And they want even more! Because of the outrage at bank bosses pay and bonuses since the banks were bailed out by taxpayers, the EU has passed laws limiting the scale of […]