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World economy – heading for the junkyard

David Cameron seems to have woken up to the problems facing the world economy when he said “red warning lights are once again flashing on the dashboard.” For once the Socialist would agree with him, but of course the Tories offer no answers. Having blamed Labour for the last crisis […]

Draft Budget: More than 6,000 job losses on the cards

According to Finance Minster Simon Hamilton, at least 6,000 public sector jobs look set to be cut in the form of redundancies. Bizarrely, his party colleague Sammy Wilson announced that in order to cut corporation tax 14,000 redundancies would be necessary in order to encourage job creation in the economy! […]

The mask slips – Draft Budget a neo-liberal programme of austerity

The passing of the Draft Budget by the Stormont Executive has blown apart the pretence of opposition to cuts by the politicians in the Assembly. By voting for the Draft Budget, the DUP and Sinn Féin are agreeing to make horrific cuts to vital services at a time when they […]

Argentina: Return to turmoil

Debt crisis is back – the class struggle and tasks for the Left Over a decade has passed since the Argentinian financial crash of 2000-2002, which led to one of history’s biggest sovereign defaults. The dominant narrative has it that the ensuing period of economic turmoil and mass struggle was […]