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NI general election: Pacts and polarisation

In Britain, the Brexit crisis will be a key issue in the general election. However, there will also be a clear clash of broader political visions between the right-populism of Boris Johnson and the left, anti-austerity policies of Jeremy Corbyn. Class issues like poverty, housing, workers’ rights and the future […]

Stormont talks collapse: The dead end of sectarian politics

The DUP and Sinn Féin’s whipping up of sectarian tensions, the debacle of the talks process, and the inability of the main parties to provide any solutions to the myriad of economic and social problems that blight our society are an indictment of the Orange and Green establishment. They offer nothing positive for working-class people, only more fear, division and

20 years after Good Friday Agreement: ‘Peace process’ in crisis

Orange and Green politics offer no way forward This January marked the anniversary of Martin McGuinness’ resignation as Deputy First Minister and the subsequent collapse of the Stormont Executive in the midst of the RHI scandal which exposed significant issues of corruption at the heart of the institutions, particularly involving […]