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Working-class solidarity in a time of crisis

“THESE ARE the times that try men’ souls. You will no doubt hear a great
number of stories respecting the situation of this country. Its present unfortunate state is entirely owing to treachery; the rich always betray the poor.”

Tories’ callous class interests shine through

Johnson’s government ignored warnings and delayed action, leading to massive PPE shortages. Recent figures suggest 200 health and social care workers have died after contracting Covid-19. The Tories and previous governments have overseen decades of underfunding of the NHS and of care being privatised.

Crisis in care homes exposes capitalist cruelty

The devastation caused by Covid-19 has been felt across communities and the care sector, but perhaps nowhere quite so deeply as in care homes for the elderly. Recent data collated in five different European countries suggests that the mortality rate of those infected in care homes is as high as 42-57%. The effects of underfunding and privatisation are being laid bare.