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Why the Climate Crisis is a Capitalist Crisis

The question of economic growth and its relation to the climate crisis is a subject of increasing discussion. Here we offer a Marxist view on this critical issue for the environmental movement.

Climate change: The costs of electric vehicles

Electric vehicles (EV) are hot news. Sales worldwide soared in 2020, increasing by 43 percent over the previous year. Automakers and governments are embracing new EV markets and pushing them as one of the most important solutions to climate change.

Socialist change to halt climate change

Chris Baugh, deputy general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS), is a familiar spokesperson on platforms arguing for socialist change to halt damaging environmental change. He spoke to the Socialist about the recent mass public protests over global warming which preceded the United Nations summit in New […]

This Changes Everything: capitalism v the climate, Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein’s newly published book is a welcome and much needed addition to the debates on how to tackle global warming. Klein not only outlines its enormous threat to humanity, but shows the need for a fundamental change of strategy to avoid disaster and instead seize the opportunity to “dramatically […]