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Young and precarious workers on the march

After the highly publicised victory for Boojum workers on tips, the branch is bringing together hospitality workers from across Northern Ireland who are sick of precarity, insecurity and low pay. The success of other precarious workers taking action is a model for the branch, and inspiration for all young workers who are seeing the real power of the organised working class for the first time.
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US: School shooting sparks protests for gun control

After the horrific Parkland shooting that claimed the lives of 17 young people, high school students across the US are standing up to the arms industry and the politicians who do their bidding. Calls for gun reform, biting criticism of politicians in the pocket of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and planned school walkouts are proof that the new generation is sick of the torrent of mass shootings seen in recent years, and the blatant corruption of US politicians. Mass shootings like this are only the tip of the iceberg of America's extremely high violent crime rates.