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50 years since internment – what did Marxists say?

This week marks the fiftieth anniversary of Operation Demetrius and the start of internment without trial, introduced by the reactionary Unionist government at Stormont and the British state. This brutal repressive action saw hundreds of innocent, working-class people rounded up across Northern Ireland by the British army and jailed in a matter of days. 

Climate change: Prepare for mass protests at COP26

We are living through a decisive period in the fight against climate change. A recently leaked report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has warned that at current rates, we are heading for 3C of warming — well above the 2C limit set by the Paris Agreement to avert […]

5 reasons why capitalism can’t be patched up, and has to go

If the world today seems chaotic and the future looks bleak, try to remember one thing: it’s not you, it’s capitalism.  The accelerating decay of this system is increasing the rate of all kinds of disasters, as well as their intensity. This reality means more hardship for billions of people […]

Solidarity with the Cuban People Against Imperialism and Capitalist Restoration

The shortage of medicines, as well as the growing economic crisis which has been aggravated by the pandemic, has generated a growing discontent among Cuban working people, who took to the streets on July 11. The ruling Communist Party (CP) bureaucracy described the demonstrations as counter-revolutionary and pro-imperialist. On the […]