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5 reasons why capitalism can’t be patched up, and has to go

If the world today seems chaotic and the future looks bleak, try to remember one thing: it’s not you, it’s capitalism.  The accelerating decay of this system is increasing the rate of all kinds of disasters, as well as their intensity. This reality means more hardship for billions of people […]

Solidarity with the Cuban People Against Imperialism and Capitalist Restoration

The shortage of medicines, as well as the growing economic crisis which has been aggravated by the pandemic, has generated a growing discontent among Cuban working people, who took to the streets on July 11. The ruling Communist Party (CP) bureaucracy described the demonstrations as counter-revolutionary and pro-imperialist. On the […]

Billionaire space race: Shameless vanity projects in a world of want

It is a pity Jeff Bezos is only going to be up in space for three minutes. If he stayed for a few hours he would find out that astronauts are the only people with worse toilet arrangements than Amazon drivers. Reflecting anger at his hoarding of wealth and the […]

Mica scandal: profiteering creates housing disaster

By Mick Barry TD  More than 3,000 householders from Donegal, Mayo and Clare travelled to Dublin on 15 June to demand a proper compensation scheme for their homes destroyed by mica. Mica is a mineral that can be contained in concrete blocks manufactured from quarries. It soaks up water like […]