The Socialist Party supports the building of a broad, cross-community party of the working class to help resist austerity, challenge sectarian division and fight for equality. In 2016, we worked with others to launch Labour Alternative as a step in that direction.

Build real alternative to the dead-end of Green and Orange!

Labour Alternative aims to give a voice to those enthused by Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-austerity policies and to put working class politics back on the agenda as the only real alternative to the dead-end of Green and Orange bickering. It is open to all who want to see a radical, left force which stands for solidarity, mutual respect and compromise between our communities.

Over the last two Assembly elections, Labour Alternative’s candidates – mostly young, drawn from across the sectarian divide – have won the highest votes for left candidates in decades in the four constituencies so far contested. It has also been to the fore in campaigns against library cuts, for abortions rights and more.

For more information or to get involved in Labour Alternative visit:

Labour Alternative marching on May Day in Belfast standing for the building of a cross-community socialist alternative