Tory Brexit crisis: The labour movement must act!

The scale of the defeat in Westminster of Theresa May’s UK/EU withdrawal deal, by 432 votes to 202, was devastating. According to the Daily Telegraph it was a “complete humiliation”. The Guardian referred to it as a “historic defeat”, while the Mirror summed it up with “No deal; no hope; […]

Young and precarious workers on the march

After the highly publicised victory for Boojum workers on tips, the branch is bringing together hospitality workers from across Northern Ireland who are sick of precarity, insecurity and low pay. The success of other precarious workers taking action is a model for the branch, and inspiration for all young workers who are seeing the real power of the organised working class for the first time.

Labour relaunched NI: Opportunities must be seized

We appeal to the Labour Party to link up with Labour Alternative – initiated by the Socialist Party – and other campaigners to present the strongest cross-community, labour movement challenge possible in the local elections. The need for such an alternative is urgent. Labour must not wait.