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Review: ‘Israelism’ – directed by Erin Axelman & Sam Eilertsen

The groundbreaking documentary Israelism follows the stories of two young American Jews, Simone and Eitan, who were raised with Israel at the centre of their Jewish identity. But when they witness the occupation firsthand, they decisively reject the Zionist narratives fed to them since birth and speak out for Palestinian liberation. The documentary, filmed in 2016, was released shortly before the current genocidal onslaught on Gaza, and has never been more relevant for understanding such widespread support for an apartheid state. The idea of Israel looms large in the upbringing of US Jews, in schools, synagogues, communities, families. Many young US Jews are taught that, in the words of one Jewish educator, “Judaism is Israel and Israel is Judaism.”
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Big Oil profits soar as planet burns: we need socialist climate action!

In 2022, we were witness to weather extremes across the globe, yet fossil fuel companies raked in their highest profits on record. Shell alone posted a record £32bn. Despite promises at COP26, alongside Biden's "Inflation Reduction Act" & the EU's "Green Industrial Strategy", the levels of CO2 pumped into the atmosphere are predicted to increase over the next 10 years. Lucy Marron explores an alternative socialist plan to combat the climate killing capitalist system.