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10 years since the Holy Cross conflict

What socialists said

Below we re-post an article by Peter Hadden, the then regional secretary  of the Socialist Party, written at the time of the Holly Cross conflict that puts forward a clear anti-sectarian working class, socialist position.

40 years after internment


What socialists said

Below we re-post an article from Militant, the paper of the forerunner of the Socialist Party which puts a working class, socialist position on internment. 

Rosemary Nelson Inquiry fails to uncover the truth

The report into the killing of Lurgan solicitor Rosemary Nelson by the loyalist paramilitary group, the LVF leaves many questions unanswered. The inquiry team was charged with investigating if “any wrongful act or omission” by the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC), British army or British intelligence services, and the Northern Ireland […]

30th anniversary of the death of hunger striker Bobby Sands

Thatcher’s brutal prisons regime
Reprint articles by Tony Saunois and Peter Hadden and introduction (Socialism Today, May 2011 issue)
Today, 5 May, marks the 30th anniversary of the death of Bobby Sands, one of seven Irish Republican Army (Provisional IRA) hunger strikers who, along with three Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) prisoners, undertook a hunger strike to the death in the then infamous H-block prison in Northern Ireland. These prisoners were protesting about the repression and conditions in the jail, and demanded political status. Margaret Thatcher and her Tory Westminster government refused to make any concessions to the prisoners.