Theory & History

5 reasons why capitalism can’t be patched up, and has to go

If the world today seems chaotic and the future looks bleak, try to remember one thing: it’s not you, it’s capitalism.  The accelerating decay of this system is increasing the rate of all kinds of disasters, as well as their intensity. This reality means more hardship for billions of people […]

Partition: Tragic consequence of missed opportunity for socialist change

Some say that the partition of Ireland a century ago was inevitable, a ‘natural’ reflection of the sectarian division on the island. Others argue that an independent, united – and capitalist – Ireland was within reach, if only individuals like Michael Collins had stayed the course. Neither of these narratives is accurate

Shrewsbury pickets: at last found innocent

The recent Court of Appeals judgement that all of the Shrewsbury pickets’ criminal convictions of 1974 was based on inadequate evidence and should be overturned must be welcome. After 47 years, it is a stunning exoneration of trade unionists who suffered imprisonment and criminal convictions as a result of a vindictive and systematic campaign by the state.