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Socialism 101: What do we mean by imperialism?

Today, the global political situation is dominated by war and geopolitical tensions. In recent months, we have seen Western powers supporting and arming a genocidal onslaught in Gaza and a complete inability or outright refusal of capitalist institutions to take any real action to stop Israeli war crimes. More and more people are realising that our world is not, as liberal politicians claim, based on a “rules based international order”. Instead, it is dominated by imperialism. But what do we mean by this?
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100 Years After his Death: The Revolutionary Legacy of Lenin

The 21 January 2024 marked the 100th anniversary of V.I. Lenin's death. Unsurprisingly, this came with a plethora of slanders from various capitalist media outlets. Even so long after his death, Lenin’s ideas represent a threat to the mouthpieces of the establishment. Their system is in crisis, and Lenin’s revolutionary socialist legacy is as relevant as ever.
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The revolutionary ideas of Karl Marx – building the struggle for socialism today

Even 175 years after writing the Communist Manifesto, the ideas of Karl Marx remain as relevant as ever. Together with his friend and co-thinker Friedrich Engels he penned this text that not only contains their core analysis of capitalism but also a call to working-class people around the world to unite - to get organised to overthrow the moribound capitalist system because we have nothing to lose but our chains!