Theory & History

Shrewsbury pickets: at last found innocent

The recent Court of Appeals judgement that all of the Shrewsbury pickets’ criminal convictions of 1974 was based on inadequate evidence and should be overturned must be welcome. After 47 years, it is a stunning exoneration of trade unionists who suffered imprisonment and criminal convictions as a result of a vindictive and systematic campaign by the state.

Troubled Times republished – a Marxist guide to the national question

As the centenary of partition sparks heightened discussion on the future of the Northern Ireland state, Herald Books – the publishing house of the Socialist Party – has republished Troubled Times as a vital guide for those engaged in the struggle for socialism today.

150 Years — Learning from Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg was born on 5 March 1871 — 150 years ago. Her murder, together with her comrade Karl Liebknecht by Social-Democrats in 1919 has not prevented her courageous life and revolutionary thoughts from remaining an inspiration for socialists today.