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Profits source of horsemeat scandal

Over the last few months, the media have been covering the issue of horsemeat in beef products. A fraud investigation is currently underway to find the culprits, but as more tests are being announced, it’s becoming clear that this is not a one-off incidence, but a widespread practice. Retailers and […]

Stink of corruption in football

  Liverpool FC Champions League victory over Debrecen alleged to be fixed The recent revelations surrounding a massive campaign of match fixing involving more than 400 players, match officials and senior club staff should come as no surprise. This scandal is the latest dreadful example of how corruption and greed […]

Review: ‘NO’ – an exercise in rewriting history

Unfortunately Pablo Larrain’s film ’No’ tells nothing about the background to Chile’s 1988 plebiscite and the struggle against the regime. It is 1988, Santiago, Chile, and 15 years into the vicious Pinochet dictatorship. The military regime has been compelled to call a plebiscite on the continuation of Pinochet’s presidency. The […]

Film Review: Lincoln

The theatrical release of Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln is situated between important events and anniversaries. This past 22 September marked the 150th anniversary of the preliminary draft of the Emancipation Proclamation, 6 November saw the re-election of the first black president, Barack Obama, to a second term and 1 January, 2013 […]