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Review: Good Vibrations

By Ciaran Mulholland Directed by Lisa Barros D’Sa & Glenn Leyburn Good Vibrations tells the story of Terri Hooley, the record shop and label he founded in Belfast at the height of the Troubles, and the Northern Ireland punk scene. The film starkly portrays the bleakness of life in Belfast […]

Review of ‘South Africa: The Massacre that Changed a Nation’

BBC2 Wednesday, 24th April By Alec Thraves In an hour long documentary, Peter Hain, Labour MP for Neath and a prominent anti-apartheid activist in his youth, returned to his native South Africa to try to discover why the ANC government is losing the support of the black working class and […]

Why I joined the Socialist Party

By Alice Neeson, I’ve been a socialist since my early teens, largely due to my bad taste in angry punk music and good taste in socio-political literature. While studying social anthropology, I became particularly interested in alternative modes of production and consumption throughout the world and throughout history. The more […]

Review: A return to The Spirit of ’45?

By Jim Rutherdale Ken Loach’s new documentary ”The Spirit of ’45” isn’t just a film about a historical period. It’s an excellent addition to the discussion on how working people can achieve a decent life in 2013. The film shows how workers had been banded together to fight and defeat […]