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Greece: Subordination to Troika or rupture with austerity?

Statement by Xekinima, sister organisation of the Socialist Party in Greece The Greek picture is becoming clearer and clearer. We are now in May, the fourth month of the new SYRIZA-led government’s term, and the result of the so-called “negotiations” with the Troika is zero! The position taken by the so-called […]

Socialist plan or capitalist chaos

What sort of new society are we struggling for? Trade unionists, socialists, youth and activists will celebrating this year’s May Day all around the world. It is customary for speakers at May Day events to talk about the need to resist capitalism. But what sort of society are we struggling […]

Socialist Party Answers Attacks of Councillor Jim McVeigh

A Reply to Jim McVeigh In recent weeks Councillor Jim McVeigh, the leader of the Sinn Fein (SF) group on Belfast City Council, has made a series of attacks on the Socialist Party (SP) via social media. In a complete contrast to the otherwise intemperate tone of his comments he […]