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France: Burkini ban fuels Islamophobia

For workers’ unity and struggle against racism, division and austerity Judy Beishon, from The Socialist (weekly paper of the Socialist Party, CWI England & Wales) International outrage has resulted from the decision of 30 town mayors in the south of France to ban from beaches the wearing of ‘burkini’ swimsuits, […]

After Brexit – Racism, Border Polls & the Labour Leadership

The 52% vote to leave the European Union in the recent referendum was a political earthquake, the shockwaves of which will be widespread and long-lasting. It represents a blow to the interests of the ruling class in Britain, Europe and the United States, who have invested decades of political capital […]

EU Referendum: Break from the Bosses’ EU, Fight for a Socialist Europe

Six Reasons to Vote ‘Leave’ In the establishment media, the EU referendum has been reduced to a clash between different wings of the Tory party. It’s Cameron vs Johnson, they say – two old Etonians. Many working class people are no doubt worried about the prospect of leaving the EU […]

Assembly Election: What Alternative to the Status Quo?

For decades, elections in Northern Ireland have been little more than a sectarian headcount. In terms of its overall result, the upcoming Assembly election on May 5th is likely to be much the same. However, there are signs that a growing layer of people are seeking to use the election […]