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After Brexit – Racism, Border Polls & the Labour Leadership

The 52% vote to leave the European Union in the recent referendum was a political earthquake, the shockwaves of which will be widespread and long-lasting. It represents a blow to the interests of the ruling class in Britain, Europe and the United States, who have invested decades of political capital […]

EU Referendum: Break from the Bosses’ EU, Fight for a Socialist Europe

Six Reasons to Vote ‘Leave’ In the establishment media, the EU referendum has been reduced to a clash between different wings of the Tory party. It’s Cameron vs Johnson, they say – two old Etonians. Many working class people are no doubt worried about the prospect of leaving the EU […]

Assembly Election: What Alternative to the Status Quo?

For decades, elections in Northern Ireland have been little more than a sectarian headcount. In terms of its overall result, the upcoming Assembly election on May 5th is likely to be much the same. However, there are signs that a growing layer of people are seeking to use the election […]

The Real Ideas of James Connolly

The following article was written by Peter Hadden (who sadly passed away in May 2010) on the 90thanniversary of the Easter Rising and death of James Connolly. The article explores Connolly’s socialist ideas and analysis and his role as a workers leader and socialist organiser in Scotland, the US and Ireland.