As hospitality reopens – workers can fight for better, not just return to ‘normal’

The total disregard hospitality bosses have demonstrated towards their staff over the last year has created a labour shortage, as many workers have chosen to leave the industry for good. Now is the time to get organised, join a union alongside colleagues, and go on the offensive for a real living wage, an end to precarious contracts and for better working conditions.

South: Gardaí Do KPMG’s Dirty Work at Debenhams

Debenhams strikers are disgusted by a reopening of the Debenhams stores in the north purely to have a fire sale of stock and line the pockets of the big boys who own Debenhams. This stock could have been used to pay workers redundancy and wages they were owed. For this […]

North: College lecturers strike against derisory pay offer

Members of the University and College Union (UCU) at every Further Education college in Northern Ireland staged a one-day strike on the 24th March. The UCU cites issues with pay and workload, and only receiving a 3.8% pay increase over the last seven years.

Health workers deserve respect – Fight for 15%!

The proposed 1% pay-rise for all NHS staff in Britain – a pay-cut in real terms – has rightfully led to widespread anger across a workforce who have been on the frontline in fighting the pandemic.