NIPSA: Public sector workers need a democratic, fighting union

Statement from Socialist Party activists in NIPSA This week, the Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance (NIPSA) is having an online conference, the first general conference of the union in two years. A key issue for discussion is the effect of the pandemic on the working conditions of public sector workers, […]

Lessons of the Hovis strike: when we fight, we can win!

In May, Hovis workers in Belfast won an 8% pay increase over two years through a determined, all-out strike that lasted for 11 days. The actions of this workforce are an inspiration to others in the sector and beyond, as employers across the private and public sectors are trying to use the economic crisis sparked by Covid to attack wages, terms and conditions, or as an excuse for miserly pay-offers.

Open letter to Unite the Union General Secretary candidates

This year’s Unite General Secretary election comes at a pivotal moment for the union and the working class as whole. The vital question members are dealing with is how does the union face up to the challenges posed by Covid-19 and the resultant economic and social crisis?