Why the Climate Crisis is a Capitalist Crisis

The question of economic growth and its relation to the climate crisis is a subject of increasing discussion. Here we offer a Marxist view on this critical issue for the environmental movement.

Sponsor a ticket to COP26 Climate Summit!

COP26 must be a target for those who wish to avert climate catastrophe. Mass protests at this conference and alternative conferences to discuss what is actually needed are being organised by the environmental movement. The Socialist Party and Socialist Youth are joining with our sister organisations in International Socialist Alternative […]

Gulf stream slowdown shows need to end climate change & capitalism

The Gulf stream’s warmth stretches from the tip of Florida northwards along the US East Coast. It is one of many currents in the thermohaline, or Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC), an essential system credited for the hospitality of the Northern hemisphere. It carries warm water from the Tropics to the North Atlantic “like a conveyor belt,” as climate scientists have aptly described, amidst serious concerns of AMOC weakening and possibly eventually stalling altogether.

Climate change: The costs of electric vehicles

Electric vehicles (EV) are hot news. Sales worldwide soared in 2020, increasing by 43 percent over the previous year. Automakers and governments are embracing new EV markets and pushing them as one of the most important solutions to climate change.