Jobs & Education

Ban zero-hour contracts

Fight for decent conditions and pay The scale of the use of super-exploitative zero-hours contracts has been revealed. A recent Unite the Union survey showed that 5.5 million workers – more than 10 times the government’s estimate – were forced to sign up to low wage, precarious working conditions in […]

Young people, austerity & mental health

Three quarters of a million young people in Britain believe they have nothing to live for, according to a recent report from the Princes Trust. The findings showed that 40% of young people have faced symptoms of mental illness, including self-loathing and panic attacks, as a direct result of being […]

Pupils chase hated Gove around their school

Education minister Michael Gove recently accused ‘left wing academics’ of using Blackadder Goes Forth as propaganda in the teaching of the First World War. On reflection, he may regret his decision to visit the school of a former pupil who played the part of one of the characters, Captain Darling. […]

1000 Stream jobs “mirage” exposed

Assembly has utterly failed to deliver decent jobs Stream’s announcement of “creating” nearly a thousand new jobs has been labelled a “mirage” today. Responding to the announcement of 1,000 new jobs in Belfast, Socialist Party spokesperson Paddy Meehan has claimed “in reality these jobs have been shifted from Derry to […]