Fighting Austerity

Cutting corporation tax: ‘Fools Gold’ economics

The Stormont politicians are patting themselves on the back for securing the right to corporation tax by 2017. They boast of the jobs and investment they claim it will bring. They are much quieter when it comes to explaining its effect on public services. Due to EU rules, any cut […]

Stormont's Education Cuts: Time to fight for our futures!

Once again, the sectarian parties in Stormont have shown that when it comes to slashing education, they are far from divided. Huge cuts have been agreed to the education budget and the Department of Employment and Learning that will materialise into massive losses in further and higher education places and […]

Britain: Reject the lie that is austerity

Trade unions must now act to resist Osborne offensive On Wednesday 3 December the Tories declared all-out war on the working class and all our futures. For once the BBC told the truth when assistant political editor Norman Smith described the Autumn Budget Statement as “utterly terrifying”. Smith drew comparisons […]

Fight transport fare rises and route cuts

The decision to raise public transport fares is another attack on ordinary people’s living standards. Metro fares in Belfast are set to rise by 10p a journey. Ulsterbus and railways fares are to rise 4% and 4.5% respectively. This is after workers have suffered an average cut in wages of […]