Fighting Austerity

Socialist Party Answers Attacks of Councillor Jim McVeigh

A Reply to Jim McVeigh In recent weeks Councillor Jim McVeigh, the leader of the Sinn Fein (SF) group on Belfast City Council, has made a series of attacks on the Socialist Party (SP) via social media. In a complete contrast to the otherwise intemperate tone of his comments he […]

"If you don't fight, you will always lose"

March 13th saw an important show of strength by workers in health, education, the civil service and public transport. Tens of thousands of workers showed they were prepared to fight the austerity agenda of Stormont and Westminster. In the weeks before the strike many workers and activists were concerned that […]

Fight Stormont's Cuts! Fight Sectarianism!

The austerity policies of the Westminster government and the Assembly Executive have created mass youth unemployment and Depression-era levels of poverty in Northern Ireland and brought our health service to breaking point. Yet, rather than breaking from these failed policies, the Stormont politicians have committed to another four years of […]

After March 13th: Where next?

The politicians in Stormont believed they would get away with destroying our jobs and our services. They believed that ordinary people would just accept their rhetoric and spin and not fight back. The strike on March 13th of workers in education, health, civil service and public transport shows that they […]