Fighting Austerity

Hands Off Daisy Hill!

On March 30th, the Southern Health & Social Care Trust (SHSCT) management threatening to ‘temporarily’ suspend A&E cover at Daisy Hill Hospital in Newry. In the locality and among staff, this was viewed as the latest step in a longstanding agenda of downgrading the hospital.

School transport charges threatened

Education Authority CEO Gavin Boyd threatened to impose charges of between £50 and £200 per child for transport to school. The imposition of charges from September 2017 would devastate low-income households. It’s another regressive stealth tax on working-class households. It is also an anti-rural policy affecting those living outside town […]

Welfare cuts must be resisted

The introduction of ‘welfare reform’ will create uncertainty and hardship for many people living in Northern Ireland. There is already evidence of deaths, including suicides, as a result of benefits sanctions in England where welfare reform has already been implemented. 2,380 people died between 2011 and 2014 shortly after being […]

GP services on life support

By Donal O’Cofaigh Rural communities across Northern Ireland face losing their local doctors’ surgery in the next few years. The problem is severe in the Portadown area but Fermanagh has been identified by the British Medical Association as being the most heavily hit of any part of the UK, with only […]