Fighting Austerity

Workers Need a Pay-Rise

Like most working class people, our family has been hit hard by the austerity agenda imposed over the last ten years by Westminster and Stormont to bail out the bankers and super-rich after the economic crisis they created.

Rural health services under attack

While the attention of the media has been on the protracted collapse of Stormont and the aftermath of the general election, the ramifications of austerity continue unabated.

Trade union rights under attack in civil service

NIPSA trade union activists in the civil service are currently engaged in a struggle to defend what is known as “facility time” to continue to effectively represent their members and to engage in the internal activities necessary to the democracy of any trade union.

Library services again under threat

Another 5% cut in Libraries NI’s budget has been announced. This is the sixth round of cuts in as many years. It’s death by a thousand cuts as the Tories want to close public services that don’t make a profit and local politicians go along with it. It will lead […]