Far right: New name, same game

In the course of this crisis, a new political party – the British Freedom Party – has distributed material in Belfast communities masquerading as a “Christian fellowship” and purporting to offer assistance to the vulnerable. In reality, this is a split from the far-right Britain First group and the new brand of their former leader, Jayda Fransen, and ex-councillor Jolene Bunting.

Ulster’s hidden connection with slavery

Historically, the image is put forward that our hands are clean, that Belfast never benefited from slavery, unlike Liverpool and Bristol. As I say, hypocrisy. I’ll give a few examples where well-known people, from both sides of the sectarian divide here, who engaged in and supported slavery.

Mass movement against racism sweeps the U.S.

At 8:25 pm on May 25 George Floyd stopped breathing. Moments later his pulse stopped. It was two minutes before Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin removed his knee from Floyd’s neck. Less than an hour later, he was pronounced dead.