Nearly 10,000 show determined, angry and positive mood

By Matt Waine, ON Saturday April 13th, nearly 10,000 people marched in Dublin against the introduction of the Property Tax. The demonstration coincided with a meeting of EU Finance Ministers to discuss the further imposition of austerity polices across the eurozone. Unlike the demonstration called by the Irish Congress of […]

Resist IMF’s demand for more shock therapy!

By Joe Higgins TD    Can an institution, like a human person, suffer from schizophrenia? Judging by the latest report from the International Monetary Fund it would certainly seem so. The condition involves a ‘breakdown of thought processes’, a ‘deficit of typical emotional responses’ and ‘disorganised thinking and speech.’ All […]

Property Tax: The war begins in earnest now

From this week the latest bitter austerity pill will be administered to our hard pressed low and middle income earners as letters arrive in every home from the Revenue Commissioners demanding the new property tax. Although having the Revenue logo, they will arrive by edict of the Troika, the economic […]

Walkout by four unions from ‘Croke Park 2’ talks justified and welcome

A new alliance of fighting unions needed to campaign for ‘no’ vote across the public service Responding the the walkout by UNITE, the CPSU, INMO and the IMO from the Croke Park II talks Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins said: “The walkout of these four unions combined with those unions and […]