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New Cold War: The AUKUS Pact Unsettles the World

Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States have signed a new defence and security pact — AUKUS — which has infuriated France and is clearly directed against China.

Fight for genuinely integrated education

This month sees the 40th anniversary of Lagan College, Northern Ireland’s first integrated school.  Opening their doors in September 1981 they welcomed just 28 students, under police presence and armed guards, to a small Scout hall.  Since then, their numbers have flourished to over 1,400 pupils and they are regularly […]

9/11 attacks: An atrocity exploited for 20 years of war and torture

A mixture of shock, horror and incredulity. These words best describe the reaction of most of the world’s population to the heinous mass terror attacks of 11 September 2001 on the Twin Towers in New York City. Along with the attack on the Pentagon in Washington DC, these were assaults […]