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Biden and Xi Escalate US-China Conflict

Joe Biden’s presidency, not yet 100 days old, has continued and intensified the anti-China policies of his predecessor Donald Trump. The president sums up his position in the slogan, “extreme competition”. Expectations in some quarters — including sections of the Chinese regime (CCP) — that the new Cold War between the superpowers would moderate after Trump left the White House have not materialised. Rather the direction is towards further escalation. This is what ISA warned before last November’s US election.

Global Tax Reform: Is Capitalism Making the Rich Pay?

Why are the IMF, Joe Biden and the UK government, among many other capitalist institutions and governments suddenly advocating increased taxes? And will such measures solve any of the accumulating problems in the capitalist economy?

The End of Growth? The capitalist economy & ecological crisis

The question of economic growth and its relation to the climate crisis is a subject of increasing discussion. Conor Payne and Chris Stewart delve into this question and offer a Marxist view on this critical issue for the environmental movement.