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After Chilcot: put Blair in the dock

After seven and a half years, and costing millions of pounds, the Chilcot inquiry into the Blair government’s pre-invasion, invasion and occupation of Iraq is due to be published as the Socialist goes to press. Most pundits are expecting only mild criticism of Tony Blair, if not a political whitewash […]

EU crisis – opportunity to unite mass opposition to austerity

By Stephen Boyd The majority leave vote will be recognised as one of the most important events in modern British and European history. It will also be one of the most misunderstood. In and out advocates are both seriously misjudging what caused this political earthquake. The majority of working class […]

Shocking killing of Jo Cox

Statement from the Socialist Party in England and Wales The shocking killing of Labour MP Jo Cox it seems while conducting her constituency surgery has appalled millions. The Socialist Party completely condemns this act of brutal violence. At this stage there is very limited information about the motivations of the […]

EU referendum exposes gaping political fault-lines

New road can open up for labour movement if working class relies on its own forces Peter Taaffe, from Socialism Today (monthly magazine of the Socialist Party England & Wales) Immediately after May’s elections, the EU referendum battle began – along with an overt, brutal power struggle in the Tory […]