Local Politics

Workers must prepare to combat sectarian danger

The fallout from Belfast City Council’s vote on the flying of the union flag brought to the surface the profound sectarian division which remains in our society. Sickeningly, the very politicians who cynically whipped up tensions around this question – such as the First and Deputy First Ministers – now […]

Landslide victory for Left in NIPSA

The 2013 NIPSA General Council election is a potential water shed moment in the life NIPSA the largest trade union in Northern Ireland. The left group in the union, NIPSA Broad Left, swept the poll taking 20 seats on the 25 seat body. This a huge turnaround from a decisive […]

Government loses court ruling – Stop ‘Workfare’ Now!

Court of Appeal rules against government on ‘workfare’ We demand all ‘workfare’ schemes are shut down immediately Cait Reilly’s victory in the Court of Appeal today has dealt a massive blow to the government’s work programme. The court ruled that being forced to work in Poundland for nothing but unemployment […]

“Tell the truth Poots – A&E closure down to Assembly cuts”

The Minister for Health Edwin Poots has been challenged to “tell the truth on the decision to close the Belfast City Hospital’s A&E”. South Belfast Socialist Party spokersperson Paddy Meehan stated “the decision to close the City A&E was not taken as the Minister claims because of resourcing reasons, but […]