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After last week’s protest in Omagh – building a movement against sectarianism

Last Saturday (25th March 2023), 1000 people gathered in Omagh following a call from Omagh Trade Union Council. The call by trade unionists was made because earlier that week dissident republican paramilitaries had shot and critically injured an off-duty police officer outside a sports complex which at the time was attended by many young people. The vast majority of those in attendance were working-class people of all backgrounds, from Omagh and the surrounding areas. A "solidarity march" was also held by a local sports club, attracting several hundred people of all ages.
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Translink announces further fare increases: We need fully funded, free public transport! 

Translink have worsened the blow from February’s announcement of a 7% increase in bus & rail fares with yesterday’s announcement of the ending of “early-bird” commuter fares. This fare hike, which could see transport costs for some commuters increase by up to 75%, is truly staggering in the midst of both cost of living and climate crises.
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Water Charges: We Won’t Pay!

The threat of water charges is back on the agenda. In a statement regarding the next Northern Ireland budget, Tory Secretary of State Chris Heaton-Harris said that “difficult choices cannot be deferred any longer” and that water charges are one of the options under consideration.